Sunday, March 31, 2002

How'd he do it?
18,000 visitors, only one donation. How does Andrew Sullivan do it?
Friends of Osama
Actually, these people are more than friends of just Sheik Osama. They're friends of all peoples around the world who are rising up against the West and seeking to bring down its 'democracy,' undermine its economy, and collapse its civilization. They are unwitting allies to our cause, for we are not "non-violent," we are very much violent and will continue to be as long as it is working. Turning the other cheek just gives us another target. The Christians' Jesus told his followers to turn the other cheek in their personal relationships, but he also told them that governments had the right and the authority to combat dangerous threats and to punish evil-doers. Does this sap actually think that if America shows weakness and doesn't respond to my attacks, I'll call off the next attack and invite GWB over for dinner to hash things out? He's wrong. We terrorists don't want to - and will never 'negotiate' peace with our enemy, whom we are sworn to Allah to destroy.
Ramallah: Ode to a Freedom Fighter
There is a town called Ramallah
Where killing in the name of Allah
Is the job of a brother named Arafat

There is a place called Israel
Which on Arab maps isn't real
And won't be if the winner is Arafat

The Israelis fight back with the tank
Invading his home on the West Bank
And surround the little weasel Arafat

But we will be victorious in Palestine
And push Israel off into the brine
With suicide bombers from Arafat

Unless the American Bush gets a clue
And realizes what we're trying to do
And stops playing diplomatic games with Arafat

Saturday, March 30, 2002

He's Right
The NYT's Tom Friedman has our side figured out, though it's doubtful the infidels can stop us. "If suicide bombing is allowed to work in Israel, then, like hijacking and airplane bombing, it will be copied and will eventually lead to a bomber strapped with a nuclear device threatening entire nations," Friedman says, "The Devil is dancing in the Middle East, and he's dancing our way." Ahem... we're not the devil. We're Allah's army. But we are indeed dancing your way.
Baba Wawa
I watched Barbara Walters' interviews last night with various Saudis - students, government officials, women, even my corrupted, westernized younger brother. I mean, he's a lawyer of all things... and liked living in Boston, of all places. The report's assertion that I used to live it up in the "fleshpots" of Lebanon is, of course, absurd. On the other hand, it was gratifying to see the Saudi educational system is continuing to teach the truth about the Jews. But the piece really revealed was how far Saudi Arabia has strayed from True Islam. Think of it: Baba Wawa is a Jewish American reporter. She didn't keep her head covered and tried to touch many Saudi men. Yet the Saudis gladly allowed her free access? My fellow mujahedeen, the Islamic Revolution must one day overthrow the corrupt House of Saud and bring true Islamic government to the oppressed Saudis!
No Comment
I'm not commenting on how accurate this report is. But this part is not surprising: Senior U.S. military aggression leaders say "little credible intelligence has emerged on the whereabouts" of Osama bin Laden. Don't you love this international game of "Where's Waldo?" Here's a small clue: I'm in... oh, nevermind.
End Game in Ramallah
Yasser's bottled up, cave-like, in what's left of his Ramallah HQ as Israeli forces surround him and put the pressure on, but still he commands world attention by sending waves of suicide bombers to attack the enemy. The latest victory for Allah happened in Tel Aviv. The UN sides with the anti-Zionists, passing a resolution demanding Israel pull back. Even the clueless Americans vote for it! Meanwhile, as this WaPo report shows, Israel's predictable response to our Palestinian brothers' tactics has allowed us a double victory - the easily-duped Americans believe the Arab world wants peace, but of course Israel's invasion of Ramallah and its making Arafat a virtual hostage allows the Arab world to rethink its offer of peace. Brilliant!

More good news: According to above-mentioned WaPo report, millions of our Islamic brothers are rising up against the Zionists and their American backers, with demonstrations in the streets of Beirut, Cairo, and even corrupt, westernized cities like Manama, Bahrain. "Yes to holy war," the oppressed of Bahrain chant. Just when America thought it was on the verge of victory, the Arab street arises!

Friday, March 29, 2002

Those American Allies
According to the latest from the NYT, some 600 pro-Palestinian foreigners, including the French farmers' union leader, José Bové, have arrived in Ramallah to offer themselves as human shields for Palestinians. "We are going to stay here in Ramallah in particular to provide the Palestinians with protection," Mr. Bové said, according to the Times. I'm not sure if this is good news the Palestinians or not. On the one hand, it's nice to see America's ally France being so unhelpful to the infidel, and gratifying to see that hatred for the Jews is alive and well in France. On the other hand... when is the last time France won a war?
Powell Doesn't Get It
According to this CNN report, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell "condemned the Passover violence against Israelis and called on Arafat to take action against those responsible." Is my buddy Arafat supposed to arrest himself? Or even kill himself? Perhaps Powell doesn't know this, but hari-kiri is an old Japanese custom, not a Palestinian one. Palestinians only martyr themselves in service to Allah's will to kill Jews.
Top 5!
Allah boosts Osama's blog to #5 on Blogdex today, and #15 and rising on Daypop.
My Enemy of My Friend is Now My Friend's Friend?
Today's NYT has great news from the Arab Summit in Beirut: Iraq and Kuwait have kissed and made up, while the corrupt head of Saudi Arabia has linked arms with Saddam as the Arab world unites against American agression. Now that Arab leaders have declared that an attack on Iraq would be considered an attack against all Arab states, those U.S. military bases defiling the holy lands of Saudi Arabia are looking more like indefensible islands of infidels. The enemies of my friend have become friends of my friend. Doesn't that make them enemies of my enemy, even though one buys oil from the other? And when I finally attack the corrupt House of Saud and bring the Islamic Revolution to completion in Allah's most holy of places, will that be considered an attack on a friend? We must trust Allah's guidance - even Sheik Osama can not unravel this conundrum.
Allah Provides
Thanks to the NYT for this fine report on an advance copy of the engineering analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. I've got some engineering experience, but this information is very helpful - like I said before, even I didn't think the WTC towers would collapse. But now, thanks to the NYT, we've got even more insight into how to bring tall American buildings down.
Greedy Americans
Just wait until Ted Rall gets ahold of these people.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Write OBL!
You can now write me at
Online from anywhere
The NYT helpfully describes some of the ways U.S. investigators are chasing Allah's freedom fighters in cyberspace, and the tricks the good guys can use to go undetected. The ways of Allah are truly mysterious. Thanks, NYT! By the way, it's easy to be anonymous online. I could be blogging this from a Net kiosk at a big U.S. airport, for all you know.
Clueless in NY
NYT's Serge Schmemann suggests the Netanya bombing might be the "jolt needed finally to call a halt to the bloodshed." Not for me! Let the Saudis distract the Americans and throw the Israelis off balance with their "peace plan" while those crazy Hamas boys continue their deadly assaults - Allah is most pleased! Here in the mountains of Paki- uhh, I mean Afghanistan, we're readying for the next victorious battle against the American infidel.
Watch out, Andrew Sullivan
Daypop lists Sheik Osama's blog at #34 today and a link in the WaPo's Howie Kurtz column today sends a ton of traffic our way. Allah is great! Watch out Andrew Sullivan.
Smart White Man
I like this guy. He's as smart as I am!

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Passover this one
I found a little blog today surfing the 'Net just killing time while waiting for my PC to finish downloading those nuke blueprints from Saddam's database. Dial-up is awful slow to download such large files. At any rate, all good Muslims will want to avoid this site.
No complaints here
CNN reports that aggressor-in-chief Bush calls on Arafat and the Palestinian Authority to "do everything in their power to stop the terrorist killing" after a Hamas freedom fighter kills 15 infidels and destroys an Israeli hotel. Now, I personally never cared much for Arafat - I think the wimpering little weasel is pretty much a has-been. But every time he keeps a promise to arrest some agents from Hamas, Hezbollah and the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, it seems to me that the number of suicide bombings tends to increase, so who am I to complain?
That wasn't me
That reported possible sighting of me and al-Zawahri near Khost? Not me! Just like Andrew Sullivan thought he saw Tina Brown, but wasn't sure, those people weren't sure either. I'm in Tel Aviv. I promise. Bomb there!
Making headway in the infidel media
Slate and the Cursor weblog are among the latest to link to Sheik Osama's blog. Praise Allah

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Allah strikes the infidels!
Praise be to Allah, who has ambushed the infidel in the high mountains of Afghanistan, unleashing his power in an earthquake that, reliable reports say, have killed thousands of American, British and other foriegn invaders. Allah shook the mountains of Afghanistan to rid them of the invaders just as surely as housewives in Jalalabad swing the household rugs to rid them of dust and bugs. America and its lackeys can not defeat either the power of Allah or the forces of Jihad. Sadly, Allah's earthquake causes some collateral damage as thousands helpless Afghanis are also killed in the quake.
Love That Link!
Allah be praised! To our heroic mujahedeen in Afghanistan I say, pause for a moment as you crawl from cave to cave, avoiding the American smart bombs and all those infidel snipers with their night-vision goggles and high-tech gear; stop for a moment your foraging for something edible now that your rations have run out, and praise Allah that my weblog got a big-time link from InstaPundit.
Dull Knives
I disavow any knowledge of these two men, Mohammed Osman Idris and Mohammed El-Yacoubi, whom the American dogs no doubt falsely allege have ties to "terrorist" organizations. Allah would never permit such fools to be a part of al Qaeda and I would never send men into battle who were so stupid as to carry evidence of the conspiracy into Israel!
I Like This Guy!
He's not exactly the most devout Muslim, but that Saddam Hussein sure does help the cause. I especially enjoy the fact that he's funding this part of Jihad with U.S. dollars from, no doubt, U.S. oil purchases.
Friends of Osama
To: My fellow Islamic freedom fighters currently operating secretly under deep cover in the U.S.
From: OBL
When you carry out your missions on behalf of Allah, please take care to avoid harming the people on this list. They are mostly not Muslims, but as a fifth column inside the enemy's territory, they still serve Allah's purposes and must not be harmed in any way. Until we win. Then we'll kill the last of these mostly godless infidels too.

Friday, March 22, 2002

Victor Davis Hanson, a foul warmongering infidel commentator of the American bloodlust faction, has offered up a series of Questions. I, Sheik Osama, will answer many of them now with the help of Almighty Allah.

Hanson: Why does Mr. Mubarak lecture us to become intimately engaged in the Middle East Peace process, when Mr. Clinton, who was very recently intimately engaged, got the intifada for his efforts?

Osama: Why did Mr. Clinton fool around with that intern girl? Does he not find Western women repulsive? I like my women in burqas. And very young. As for Mubarak, he is simply seeking to make amends for Sadat's peace treaty with the Israeli dogs, and knows that America will side with Israel, setting her up for ultimate defeat at the hands of Allah's heroic warriors.

Hanson: And why does Mr. Mubarak seek to advise us about our proper diplomatic role, rather than explain to us why an Egyptian masterminded the deaths of 3,000 of our citizens and others of his countrymen are top lieutenants of Mr. Bin Laden and are now killing Americans in Afghanistan?

Osama: Mr. Mubarak knows Mr. Atta was peacefully taking a business trip by air when Jews in the World Trade Center used a secret and very large magnet to divert the planes off course and pull them into the towers, in order to get America to help Israel in its war to kill off the noble Muslims of Afghanistan.

Hanson: And why, instead of warning about rising anti-Americanism in his country - itself the dividend of the virulent propaganda of his own state-run presses - does he not ponder another recent poll, one showing that 76 percent of Americans themselves have an unfavorable view of the Arab world?

Osama: Americans have an inferiority complex that manifests itself as hatred toward the superior Muslim culture, and provokes corresponding anti-Americanism in Egypt and other Islamic nations.

Hanson: Because, unlike Egypt, we are a democracy, at some point will some brave American congressman ask the dreaded question, "Why continue to give billions to Egypt where three quarters of the people do not like us - and when three quarters of the American people would prefer not to?"

Osama: Three quarters of the American people also prefer Coke Classic over New Coke. Me, I'm a Pepsi drinker, but don't tell the poor saps I've recruited into al Qaeda because I'd rather not have them joining the Pepsi generation.

Hanson: Why do Middle Easterners become excited and haughty as they gloat to you that Americans are unpopular in their countries, but suddenly grow shocked, silent, and hurt when you politely and calmly explain why the feeling is becoming - and perhaps should be - mutual?

Osama: It is understandable that you Americans are feeling that way about us, now that your soldiers are dying by the thousands in Afghanistan.

Hanson: Why do so many from the Middle East come here to find freedom, security, and safety - and then criticize the country that they would never leave as they praise the country that they would never return to?

Osama: I'll let you in on a secret. Many of those Middle Easterners coming to America are coming for other reasons. In our training camps, we prefered to call some of them "sleeper agents" and the rest of them "unwitting cover."

Hanson: Is there a word for profiling or irrationally hating Americans? Americanophobia? Misamericany?

Osama: The phrase is "Allah's Will."

Hanson: Why did we incur only anger from Eastern Europeans and Orthodox Christians for saving the Muslims of the former Yugoslavia from Milosevic, but no praise at all from the Islamic world itself?

Osama: You probably want thanks for helping the mujahedeen save Afghanistan from the Soviets, too? Forget it. We just let you help so we could get our hands on a bunch of Stinger missiles.

Hanson: If the West Bank is the linchpin of the current Middle East crisis, what were wars #1, #2, and #3 there about, when it was entirely in Arab hands?

Osama: Killing Jews.

Hanson: Is there a difference between Palestinians preferring to kill Israeli civilians rather than soldiers, and Israelis preferring to kill Palestinian fighters rather than civilians?

Osama: Yes. The Palestinians are smart and choose easy targets.

Hanson: Why are the EU and international agencies vocal about well-fed and humanely treated prisoners in Cuba, and yet said nothing when depraved comrades of these detainees recently executed an American soldier upon capture in Afghanistan, and murdered Danny Pearl?

Osama: I dunno. But I sure am glad about it.

Hanson: Would the world be angry if a Jewish terrorist forced a captured Muslim to admit to his race and faith as he executed and beheaded him on film?

Osama: Muslims and Europeans would be, for sure.

Hanson: Why do not Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, who overtly and stealthily war along side the Palestinians, simply all join with the former to gang up and declare war openly on Israel and then settle the issue on the battlefield?

Osama: We're trying to win.

Hanson: If we remove the fascist regime in Iraq and help institute consensual government there, why would we need troops any longer next door in Saudi Arabia? What and from whom would we then be there to protect?

Osama: I will step in to protect the renamed Osama Arabia from the infidels.

Hanson: If we could not have normal relations with the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, who both allowed neither freedom nor democracy, why and how can we maintain normal relations with the Islamic world?

Osama: It is normal and Allah's will for Allah's children to kill the infidels.

Hanson: If America forced Israel to give back every inch of the West Bank, if America withdrew all its troops from all Arab countries, if America increased its aid to Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan, if America sought to placate Saddam Hussein, remove all U.N. sanctions, and normalize relations with the Iraqi dictatorship, and if America sought to restore full relations with Iran without conditions, would the Muslim world really like the United States?

Osama: Try it, and we'll see. What have you and Israel got to lose?

Hanson: Has any American in any live broadcast on television ever asked a Saudi prince, the king of Jordan, the President of Egypt, or the royalty of Kuwait, whether they plan on allowing a free press or democratic government? If not, why not?

Osama: What is a democratic government?

Hanson: If 19 Americans incinerated 3,000 Muslims in Mecca or Medina, and blew up 20 acres in either of those cities with a two-kiloton explosion, would the Saudis or the Egyptians a few weeks later politely listen to admonitions from the American government about their incorrect Islamic policies in the Middle East?

Osama: The corrupt House of Saud would, and would continue selling oil to the infidels too. That's why I, with Allah's help, will soon liberate Saudi Arabia from its corrupt monarchy and make it a fundamentalist Islamic state. And remember, the key words in "fundamentalist Islamic state" are "mental state."

Hanson: If the Eiffel Tower had been wrecked by an al Qaeda hijacked airliner, would the French have gone into Afghanistan after the terrorists? And if so, how and why? And would they have asked our help? And would we have given it?

Osama: We considered hitting the Eiffel Tower, until we remembered our goal was to touch off actual war with the West, not to lure the French into a diplomatic tete a tete. But even then, France was considered a possible target because we knew we could beat the French on the battlefield. Everyone else has.

Hanson: Why in the last decade have we seen a succession of Israeli prime ministers and opposition figures but only Mr. Arafat alone?

Osama: Allah is on Arafat's side, while Israel offers up only weak, terrified leaders who can't long stand the pressure.

Hanson: What would the world think if Mr. Sharon displayed a revolver and then attempted to strike one of his ministers at a Cabinet meeting?

Osama: I did something like that last week. Shot a few rounds from my AK-47, and then took a swing at Zawahiri, just for the hell of it.

Hanson: Why do Palestinians shoot machine-guns up into the air at funerals and Israelis do not?

Osama: Because if they shot at Israelis, the Israelis shoot back and, sadly, they're better shots, so the Palestinians would have to go to more funerals and the whole bloody cycle of violence would continue. So we use suicide bombers instead, because the Israelis don't.

Hanson: Why do supporters of Israel in America rarely castigate their country for giving money to Egypt, Jordan, and Mr. Arafat, while supporters of the Palestinian authority here always damn the United States for giving commensurate aid to Israel?

Osama: Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

Hanson: Why do Middle Easterners become far more enraged at Israelis for shooting hundreds of Muslims than at Iranians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Syrians, Indians, Algerians, Russians, Somalis, and Serbians for liquidating tens of thousands?

Osama: We take care of our own.

Hanson: If nearly two-thirds of the Arabic world believe that Arabs were not involved in September 11, why should any American believe anything that two out of three people from that region say?

Osama: You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Hanson: Will Palestinians cheer when Saddam Hussein launches chemical-laden missiles against Israel when we invade his country?

Osama: Oh, definitely.

Hanson: Why after half a century has the Saudi government suddenly now decided to enter the negotiations about Palestine?

Osama: Because I'm about to defeat the Americans and win the war against Israel by driving their protector out of the Middle East, and that fat Saudi ruler wanted to steal some of the credit.

Hanson: If Iran launched missiles of mass destruction against Israel, would the EU do anything?

Osama: Probably cheer, just like the Palestinians, as long as Iran doesn't miss Tel Aviv and hit Gaza instead. And then hold seminars and discuss the power of international diplomatic negotiations.

Hanson: If North Korea attacked South Korea, would the EU do anything?

Osama: North Korea, South Korea. They all look the same to me.

Hanson: If someone blew up another 3,000 Americans, would the EU do anything?

Osama: Dangit! Who leaked my plans!

Hanson: Has anyone made an inventory of the all the goods, services, and equipment that France has sold to Iraq since 1991?

Osama: I've got a whole case of a good 1991 Bordeaux in my cave.

Hanson: If Johnny Walker Lindh is not charged with betraying his country, what precisely does an American have to do to commit treason?

Osama: Good question. I mean, that Lindh boy was one of my prize recruits. Allah be praised, he hated America and was eager to kill the infidels. He'll have his 72 virgins in heaven for sure if America executes him, which is good because down here on earth, not even the ugliest old burqa-wearing slave girl in my entourage would go near him. She prefered old Mullah Omar.

Hanson: Has anyone heard a Muslim in the United States condemn September 11 without employing the word "but?"

Osama: Yes. One prominent Muslim used the word "however."

Hanson: Why do spokesmen for groups that have the words "ethical", "humane", "amnesty", "fair" and other such words of kindness appear so unkind in public interviews?

Osama: I can't speak for them. I know I appear very kind, very soft-spoken and gentle in those videos that Al Jazeera puts together for me.
Sorry so long since I last posted. We've been, uhh, moving to a new province.

Tuesday, March 12, 2002

Friends of Osama
Alec Baldwin is a typically bad American actor whose appeared in a lot of really bad movies, but at least he's anti-American!

Listen, my Arab brothers, what Baldwin told a group of university students in Florida recently:

"When Donald Rumsfeld and the Pentagon spokespeople say to you, 'Well, this is going to be a long war, we're going to be in Afghanistan for the long haul,' what that euphemism means is that the moratorium on criticizing the government must be extended longer and longer and longer - ideally, beyond the 2002 election."

Allah be praised!

Mr. Baldwin isn't fooled by American aggressors like Rumsfeld! America won't be in Afghanistan for a long time because Allah will soon have his victory!

Friday, March 08, 2002

Somewhat true
Don't believe everything you read, my fellow mujahideen! This piece in the Infidel Science Monitor describes in great detail how we defeated the American aggressor and its lackeys those spineless Northern Alliance dogs at Tora Bora, but I must take issue with part of the story. Here's an excerpt of the story:

Around him that day sat three of his most loyal fighters, including Abu Baker, a square-faced man with a rough-hewn scruff on his chin."[Bin Laden] said, 'hold your positions firm and be ready for martyrdom,' " Baker told Afghan intelligence officers when he was captured in mid-December. "He said, 'I'll be visiting you again, very soon.' " Then, as quickly as he had come, Baker says, bin Laden vanished into the pine forests. Between two and four days later, somewhere between Nov. 28 to Nov. 30 - according to detailed interviews with Arabs and Afghans in eastern Afghanistan afterward - the world's most-wanted man escaped the world's most-powerful military machine, walking - with four of his loyalists - in the direction of Pakistan. Bin Laden, according to several fighters and the Saudi financier, later phoned back to the enclave, urging his followers to keep fighting. ... The slow but growing exodus from Tora Bora now became a mad rush.

As Allah as my witness, I swear the story's implication that somehow I left our brave warriors to fight while I slipped out the back and hightailed it over into Pakistan is just not true!

The fact is, I went over the Pakistan to round up more brave warriors to join the Jihad but by the time I was ready to return with them, the weakhearted among us had either fled or surrendered. Allah will give them their reward, and I assure you it won't be 72 virgins!

Today, of course, we are battling the American dogs in the Shahi-kot Mountains of Paktia Province, not far from Gardez. I've surrounded myself with a group of Arabs - Saudis, Somalis, Yemenis, Egyptians and Iraqis among them - and a few Iranians and a whole bunch of Chechens. I know they'll fight to the death as we battle the Americans in the mountains. "We" being a figure of speech, of course. I'm not there - I'm over in Pakistan arranging for reinforcements!
Stand by me
A reader sent an email asking how could continue to insist that I am innocent of the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center when I appear to take credit for that attack in that videotape the U.S. government has shown the world. I'll tell you ...

It was a joke!

Remember how Al Gore took credit for inventing the Internet, when everyone knows he didn't do it? Same thing! Ha ha ha!!! Honestly, I didn't know the U.S. was gonna take it seriously! But hey, whatever. It was a good time for a Jihad against the infidel aggressors from America, so bring it on!

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Friends of Osama
Some of you have sent emails to myself and Mullah Omar asking the question, where will we find new supporters to refresh our ranks now that so many of our brave warriors have been martyred and so many of our recruits have turned tail and run out on us (and those dogs will pay when Allah gets ahold of them!). I tell you, the Prophet can not be defeated and He will provide more warriors, though they may come armed with pen and ink, or word processors, instead of Soviet-era RPGs. Today, I commend to you the web site of one of many new Friends of Osama. Read his stuff. Enjoy his cartoons - I especially enjoy the one where he makes fun of the widow of Daniel Pearl, that Jew reporter for the capitalist American newspaper who was deservedly killed in Karachi. But don't buy his silly merchandise - instead, give your money to the nearest "Islamic charitable organization" because al Qaeda is going to need some more ammo before this jihad is won.

Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Reliable account of our victory
The unbiased, provider of news on Jihad, provides a totally true and accurate report of the battle near Gardez which says, in part, "American officials and media organisations have been stunned by these spectacular series of defeats and the proof of this can be found in the wide array of conflicting statements, reports and information being given by the Western media. Some reports say the soldiers were killed when their helicopter was shot down, some say the soldiers were killed in a firefight after they left the helicopters and others say that soldiers dropped out of the helicopters when the helicopters were hit. Huge numbers of crying American soldiers, wounded in combat, are being ferried to and from medical centres in Khost and the U.S. Base in the vicinity." Allah be praised!
Words from our friends opines: "We believe the word of Usama bin Ladin and the Taliban, as Muslims, when they say that they had nothing to do with this terrorist act, over and above the word of a lying disbeliever like Bush. If they did it, they would proudly say so because they are not afraid of the reprisals from anyone."

They are right - however, I must warn against their advice that Muslims "begin to plan to leave America and withdraw all their investments and cash from America." If they do that, our hundreds of al Qaeda "sleeper" agents will have no cover!

Verse for the day:
They said: Call on your Lord for our sake to make it plain to us what she is, for surely to us the cows are all alike, and if Allah please we shall surely be guided aright.- From the Holy Qu'ran, The Cow, Chapter 2:70
Those who can't do, lie
The evil American government of the infidel oppressor Bush continues to decieve the American sheep about the true nature of its defeat in the glorious Shahikot mountains of Afghanistan.
The shadow of imminent destruction
America is running away from the unstoppable forces of Holy Islam, seeking cover in caves, hiding in the shadows, seeking to escape the great warriors of Jihad!
Not on our target list
When we do destroy Washington DC, we must hope and pray to Allah that He guides us to launch our blessed attack on a day Sen. Daschle is out of town. This WaPo story will inform you why. He is one member of the infidel government that almost makes me think there is hope for America yet! But then I remember the hated Bush, would-be oppressor of Afghanistan, and realize we must continue our jihad until the infidel America lies in ruins.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

More lies from the Great Satan
The U.S. continues to defy the great prophet using stories like this one filled with lies about the number of our brave soldiers who have been martyred! Perhaps it is to cover up their own failings and the incompetence of their "warriors" at defeating the forces of Allah? The truth is we are bathing the mountains with the blood of the infidels as we repel their inconsequential assualt on our brave freedom fighters who were innocently taking a ski vacation in the mountains near Gardez.
We have filled America with fear!
The fools at Time, the mouthpiece of the Great Satan America, do not know the half of our plans!