Saturday, June 01, 2002

Here's a great article in the American Journalism Review, and Osama praises Allah for the brief mention of his Islamic ji-blog not too far into the story. Only one question: why does she call this a parody? Osama works hard to fill his blog with serious comments on the jihad against the infidels!

Osama asks your forgiveness for his near month-long absence. Do you know how hard it is to find Internet access in the wilds of eastern Pakistan?

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Friends of Osama
I used to think a "Noam Chomsky" was some sort of Jewish food. Now, thanks to this article in the Harvard Crimson, I know he's a true Friend of Osama, as are most of the other people mentioned in it. As always, thanks be to Allah for their tacit support of Islamofacism and the deaths of infidel Jews in Israeli pool halls, pizza parlors and Passover seders. Memo to al Qaeda members worldwide: When you and our other Islamofacist allies finish the eradication of the Jews and other infidels, Chomsky deserves to be among the last to go.

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Oh Allah, Not Again
Well, it was bound to happen. Israel pulled back from the occupied terror-tories, again. They let Arafat go, again. And there was a suicide bombing, again. Is anyone really surprised at this? Osama finds it incredible that no one sees a connection! Ah, the ever-gullible West. They've gone to so many Hollywood movies and "suspended disbelief" so often that now that Reality is coming at them in Technicolor with Digital Surround Sound, they "suspended belief," and accepted the notion that what is happening - Arafat and his Palestinian terror professionals are resuming suicide bombings now that Israel has pulled back and agreed to "negotiate" and participate in the "peace process" - isn't happening.

There is a "piece process," alright. We're taking Israel apart piece by piece, with the complicity-by-complacency of the EU, and the waffling of the Americans.

And to think that Israel has the power to impose a "peace plan" our side couldn't beat. I fear they'll wake up and announce a unilateral withdrawal from the terrortories to take place in one year, and during that year build a "Berlin Wall" to seal off the West Bank from Israel. Then, after they pull out of the terrortories, I fear, Israel would announce that any future Palestinian terror attack on Israeli soil would be replied to with the obliteration by air power of one Palestinian town, after giving its residents 24 hours' notice to evacuate.

Against our strategy of blowing up innocents at pizza parlors, pool halls and Passover seders, it would be seen as harsh but humane. Outside of the Arab world, only the French would really oppose it. And our side would lose.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Was Jenin a Mistake?
I must admit, the points raised here do concern me. It has been useful to the Jihad for the Israelis to withhold their fiercest firepower in order to protect "innocent" Palestinian civilians (though Osama laughs at the thought that there were many truly "innocent" civilians in Jenin, which is Suicide Bomber Central and, as this Israeli soldier knows, is controlled by Islamic Jihad and Hamas). Osama's fear is that next time, the IDF will do it with F16s and bombs instead of ground troops, and we'll have a harder time tricking the UN into believing the Isrealis committed a massacre.
I can not believe Arafat accepted that compromise to free him from Ramallah! What does he think he's doing? Being penned up in his HQ was great PR for our side - the French, the Euroweenies and the UN were all coming down hard on Israel and the U.S., and as long as he was held inside his compount, Arafat could plausibly deny any connections to additional suicide bombings and other acts terror even as they continued on the road of defeat of the West en route to Palestinian liberation and Islamic global victory. Now that the little pudgy guy is free to roam around Ramallah, the next suicide attack will be blamed on him. They'll whine that he isn't doing enough to stop the attacks, and the Eurowimps will finally figure out that Israeli force stops terror attacks, but Arafat delivering a statement doesn't. I've known that all along, of course, but Arafat and the intifada has been a useful tool to distract the Americans from Iraq, long enough for Osama to establish new training bases and safe houses there for al Qaeda. I was hoping they'd keep Pudge under seige for months. He was more useful that way.
Random Thoughts
Osama disavows knowing these friends of mine in America. No doubt, these are just peace-loving Muslims who have been framed by the infidel American inJustice system. Meanwhile, can anyone tell me why my favorite web site is down?

Friday, April 26, 2002

Rumsfeld, the leader of the American crusaders, arrogantly claims allied troops in Afghanistan are capturing Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters almost daily. You know it's a lie because, first of all, the Taliban were wimps. They all bugged out early.
Sow the Wind...
I sure hope Bush isn't listening to what Rich Lowry has to say about Abdul Aziz. Same goes for Crown Prince Abullah. Just because Aziz chose to ally with the Brits so many decades ago instead of sticking with the jihad he helped seed doesn't mean the Saudis should make that same infidel choice. Abdullah, don't lose heart! The tens of thousands of young Arabian men your schools have graduated, all filled with Islamist fundamentalism and hatred of America and the Jews, are the seedlings that will grow a forest of fuel for the conflagration that will rid the world of the Americans and the Jews. Use the oil weapon, Abdullah! Then watch your own regime be declared a part of the "axis of evil," and millions of your best and brightest will strap on bomb belts and head for the nearest America installation or even to Israel. Allah be praised!

Thursday, April 25, 2002

First of all I gotta thank Osama for inviting me to participate in this blog. I may not be able to post very often - hard to smuggle laptop batteries into my Ramallah compound, and the Israelis cut the power off as you know. And Colin Powell didn't rescue me - and yes, I'm still spitting mad about that!

I see where Crown Prince Abdullah went to Texas to threaten Bush with an oil embargo of the U.S. doesn't stop backing Israel. I worry about Abdullah. Sometimes I think he really means this "Arab Peace Plan" initiative he's been hyping, and other times I just think he's smelled a few too many petroleum fumes and has lost his mind. I mean, c'mon. Threaten the Americans? With an oil embargo? Even I'm not that stupid. Abdullah can stop the oil, but if he does, the money stops too - and our side needs that money to pay off the families of suicide bombers, and to buy weapons from Iran.

Not only that, but if the U.S. needs oil, it's got plenty of firepower to take out Saddam Hussein, install a friendly government and get Iraqi crude at $5 a barrel. And there goes my main source of political and financial support. Ah well. That's how it looks here from Ramallah. Until later.... Yasser.

Friday, April 19, 2002

She's so right!
The Jews are always to blame, just as this fine column in the British newspaper the Spectator says. Osama is please that someone in London finally has explained why it is Israel that is the terrorists, not the Palestinian Authority and Fatah and its suicide-bomber children blowing up Israeli civilians. Allah be praised!
Fortunately for Islam, the American Congress is pushing the Bush administration to take a strong pro-Israel side in the Palestinian conflict. This is necessary in the process of Jihad - as it will make clear to all on which side every nation and every people stand. The EU appears to be tilting our way.
Osama is grateful for the anti-Jew rally that is planned for Washington DC tomorrow, and loves that it has been planned to take place on the anniversary of Adolph Hitler's birth. The Council on American-Islamic Relations should be proud of its efforts to promote this day of hate directed at Israel and those Zionist lapdogs in America who continue to prop it up against the wishes of Almighty Allah.